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Reach Higher

Network and Establish Joint Ventures With Any of the

Thirty Other World Class Leaders

We offer a rare opportunity to sit down with the top leaders of the 21st century.


Build real relationships,

partnerships or ventures as well as a treasure chest of resources you can leverage for

years to come.

"Formal education will make you a living;

self education will make you a fortune."  

~  Jim Rohn



Here's What Makes

Titan Council Masterminds so Rare.

Titan Council Masterminds are uncommon learning and networking events. They're designed to help high level business leaders learn from the best people on the planet while establishing REAL, mutually beneficial connections with same level peers.


You get an up-close, conversational experience, unlike the more common 1-to-many conference style mastermind experience. We've purposefully structured Titan Council Masterminds to allow you to have real interactions

with the experts and other members.


From beginning to end the event is orchestrated to promote connections and is held in an environment befitting the titans of last century who would meet in small, private groups to share the most innovative business ideas and solutions of the day.


Joining the Titan Council means joining an elite league of highest level change-makers in a relaxed, opulent setting while building up your list of business allies to help you reach your growth goals exponentially faster. 


All Our Events Are:

Capped:  Attendance is always capped at 30 with a minimum of 20 to ensure a true roundtable experience.

Certified:  Every one is uniquely designed by a *certified knowledge broker.

Exclusive:  Members must apply and be accepted so that we can guarantee the highest quality membership. We want you to confident that you're spending your time with same-level peers. 

Proven:  We use the same curriculum and agendas used by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi for their own high-level masterminds.

Private Access:  Members get instant, private access to an exclusive list of some of the world's top business men and women.

Time Sensitive:  Titan Council masterminds are held once per year (unless you request your own). We squeeze value into 2 amazing days and continue to stay connected through our private group year round.


Agenda Driven:  We make sure your time is well-spent by creating impactful, high-action agendas. Our goal is to elevate the process and environment and at the same time, get you the most learning for the least amount of time.



From the attendee list, to the curriculum, agenda, meals, accommodations and entertainment, our events are designed by a certified knowledge brokerage team and veteran teachers specialized in curriculum design, delivery and management. Because of this, we've created a place where true collaboration and growth can be achieved at the highest levels.