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Ready To Apply?

Please read below, first. 

Before you apply, here are some things to consider:

The Difference


Titan Council is a Knowledge Brokerage Firm. We partner with select only renowned speakers and business leaders to bring you the highest quality learning and networking experiences called masterminds. 

And although we aren't stuffy, we are classy. We believe learning should be done in utmost comfort! Our events are held at mansions, high-end resorts, hotels and salons in order to give you an uncommon experience with the best food, drinks, environment, entertainment and accommodations all while learning from the best.

Our Expectations


There are some rules to joining our "class". We'd like you to know if you are not coming with a growth mindset, not open to learning and contributing, and not coming to seek positive interaction, please do not apply. We will not be a good fit for you.


We would also like you to know we are not tolerant of confrontational exchanges that

disrespect other attendees or the speaker or his or her ideas. Should this happen, you'll be asked to leave.

This is a professional learning environment and everyone is expected to act professionally.

We are a business group and our focus will be on working together to solve our biggest problems, share our best solutions with the group and some of our worst failures, and discover how we can utilize our collective knowledge and connections while being guided by our speaker and their renowned insight.

On our end, we spend a painstaking amount of time and effort to design a relaxing, luxurious learning event. We like to call it the "mini vacation mastermind" because our idea of learning is a top-notch setting with great food, drinks and people who operate at the highest levels. What could be better, right?


Overall, we expect everyone to use active listening, be transparent and contribute with best intentions; to give best advice when asked, help with solving member's biggest business problems and commit to brainstorming new solutions. In other words, you're required to pony up! We get out of life what we're willing to work for and give our hearts and efforts to.

"It matters that you have a network. It matters more that it's the right network."

- Paula Soito, CEO Titan Council

Who May Join


Founders, top executives and business owners who are heading up successful businesses are invited to join. If you're a follower or fan of one of our speakers and you don't own or run a successful business, no hard feelings but this group isn't for you and you will not be able to join. 


The only exception to this rule is the hosted mastermind. Hosts may include whomever they wish on their attendee list such as employees, etc... (a phone conference will be required for approval of a hosted mastermind.)

Ready to Join?



Since you're seeing this page, we currently have at least one seat open. Our events are capped at 30, so time is a factor. Seats go quickly and can also be retained from year to year. Some keep them as an investment in education, networking and business growth. So, we do suggest applying if you're eligible. We are hoping to add masterminds each year, but for now they are limited. If you wait, we can't guarantee you a spot until someone gives up theirs. 

To learn about our current upcoming event and speaker, click this link. 

Networking and education are both important in business. But we believe the right network + the best education is everything....


(The Right) Network + (The Best) Education = Net Worth!  That's the Titan Council way.

Ready to serve you,

Founder & Chairwomen, Titan Council



Paula, CEO/Founder B.A. in Education - CSU, Chico & Certified Knowledge Broker



Ryane, CMO A.A. in Merchandise Marketing - FIDM, Los Angeles



Paige, COO B.A. in Education - CSU Monterey Bay