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Titan Council Masterminds

Certificated Knowledge Brokerage Firm

Why choose Titan Council?

Our Events Are Built On

5 Cornerstone Assets










The Benefits of Titan Council Masterminds:

3. Authority


We partner with the top speakers and authorities of the day to ensure we bring only the best to our events and members. 

4. Customized


Whether you want to join a scheduled event, design one or host your own, we've got you covered. We're fully customizable!

1. Certified 

Our firm is run by a certified Knowledge Broker who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. (She's also a published journalist and

CEO of Arts Row, Inc.)

2. 100%


We organize and handle everything. We arrange the speakers, conduct sales, design curriculum, act as concierge, create agendas,

and book accommodations, meals and entertainment. 

What Makes Them Different?


an uncommon network advantage

"Finally, an event filled with same-level change makers." 


new markets 

Get personal with leaders in other markets. Discover which new markets may lead into your own or start a new venture

 bringing your current customers along with you into a new market with the guidance of those already there.


higher level connections 

Titan Council is not for everyone. We require application unless prior approval with an invitation has been given based on qualifications. Because we need connections that will help us advance. Here you'll meet with like-minded people who are truly your peers who can offer exactly what you need to grow.


partnerships & ventures 

Partnerships should be between two or more parties that all bring comparable value. With our vetted members, you'll start the right relationships. There's time to mingle and that means discovering who can help you diversify and who you might partner with.


the better, faster way to grow

"The exclusive 1-on-1 learning gives me more for my money in less time." 


unusual, up-close learning 

Get personal, up-close instruction from a world renowned speaker or leader. This is a rare opportunity that eliminates the crowd. Our settings are best suited to maximizing every minute of your learning, helping you focus.


next-level insight 

The luxury of a small group is an experience where sharing and exchanging ideas are part of the process. That's unlike the 1-to-many conference style masterminds where speakers of this caliber are up on stage speaking to you rather than with you.


 heavily concentrated 

Time is a commodity you can't waste when you're a high level leader. We pack learning and networking into 1 or 2 days so you can get back to business quickly. Just one meeting per year + our private online group so you can spend your time utilizing your new connections however you wish.

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