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Elite Roundtable Meetings

For Highest Level Entrepreneurs

Designed and Run by a

Certificated Knowledge Brokerage Firm

Meet the brightest minds today in an

intimate setting where learning and connections

are highly concentrated

We partner with the top business and motivational leaders of the 21st century to create an uncommon mastermind experience for top entrepreneurs and change-makers.


Our small, exclusive format provides the most personal encounters in the industry, unlike the conference style masterminds of 1-to-many.  


We can do this because we limit the number of attendees and we use an application process so you get the greatest quality experience and interactions.

"A friendship founded on business is better

than a business founded on friendship."

John D. Rockefeller

A Knowledge




Paula Soito - CEO

Experience the Difference:


  • Plan with a personal advisor

  • Reserve your next seat after your first event

  • Secure your seat permanently with a ©"fixed knowledge annuity" (this option coming soon)

  • Evaluate your broker and your experience

  • Prepare for your stay with our personal concierge

  • Upgrade your accommodations and experience

  • Create and customize your own event

Own a Seat at the Table

Choose what fits you best and we do the rest

01  JOIN


03  HOST

Our Events Focus On 5 Cornerstone Assets


The power of collective knowledge in such a small, highly vetted group is its ability to speed business and personal growth

By curating our groups to the highest caliber you get access to the highest-level of skills. 

Joining a Titan Council Mastermind earns you this rare asset. 



When successful executives and leaders get together, the common thread is the way they are applying their knowledge.


The systematic application of everything that continually results in growth becomes what we call proven practice.


And when proven practices are shared and leveraged between leaders, success is exponential!



Getting together is hard enough.

Getting together with peers whose drive and success match yours is even harder.


And getting together in a setting designed to match your lifestyle while supporting effective collaboration and the formation of important business relationships seems impossible..... until now.

Connect face to face with exactly the right people at a Titan Council Mastermind.


Here are TOP questions from knowledge investors like you.


Get into strategy sharing and learning

with top producers. No wasting time with outdated methods.

The collective genius allows for tons more

growth and much faster rates.

Learn from the best and share what's working and what's not working. Grow together.



Getting fiscally focused is a power move when it comes to your business, obviously. But the power of the collective, as we know, is even better in helping to spot oversights, offer new insights and share profit-making strategies. 

Get to the next level of recurring revenue and customer retention with your new network of peers.